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Pterodactyl v1.X

How to get a license?

Rarity Difficulty 
Uncommon ★☆☆☆☆

Case 1 - Bagou450 Website

If you have made a purchase on the Bagou450 website, obtaining your licenses is a straightforward process. You can easily access your licenses by visiting the dedicated license page. This page also provides the option to reset your license in the event of a "Too many usage" error. If you do not find your license, please feel free to reach out to us for assistance (contact us).

Case 2 - BuiltByBit

If you have made a purchase on the BuiltByBit website, there are some important steps you need to follow in order to obtain your licenses efficiently. Firstly, you must retrieve your BuiltByBit user ID. Obtaining this ID is a straightforward process. Simply visit the BuiltByBit website and access your account. Then, click on your username to access your account page. Once on your account page, take note of the URL, which should include something like "username.XXXXXX." The XXXXXX in the URL represents your user ID.


Once you have obtained your user ID, proceed to the dedicated license page to acquire your license. After completing the required form on our website, you should then visit your BuiltByBit conversation to receive your license.

Case 3 - sourceXchange

If you have made a purchase on SourceXchange, the process of retrieving your license is straightforward. To obtain your license, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit our dedicated license page and request your license.
  2. Fill out the necessary form on our website.
  3. Check your email to receive your license.

Case 4 - Old Bagou450 Website or PterodactylMarket

If you have purchased our product on our old website or through PterodactylMarket, there are two steps you can take to retrieve your license:

  1. Initially, you may attempt to use your PayPal transaction ID, if you have one. Enter this ID to see if it can retrieve your license.

  2. If the PayPal transaction ID does not work or if you encounter any issues, you need to contact us for retrieving your license.