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Pterodactyl v1.X

An error was encountered by the application while rendering this view. Try refreshing the page.

Rarity Difficulty  Pterodactyl Version
Scarce ★★☆☆☆  1.X

What is the cause of this error?

This error occurs when a rendering issue arises within the panel view. Such occurrences may be attributed to various factors, including improper modifications, infinite loops, or theme-related issues.



How can you resolve this issue?

Case 1 - Icon problem

In most cases, this error arises due to an icon-related issue within a theme. Many themes utilize icons within the navigation bar for various server routes. Unfortunately, some themes do not implement verification to ensure that the specified icon exists. Consequently, after adding an add-on, the panel may attempt to load an undefined icon, resulting in an error. This issue primarily occurs within the server view.

To resolve this, you must access the resources/scripts/routers/routes.ts file. Examine the routes within this file, particularly the most recently added ones, to identify any routes lacking icons. Once identified, you should include an appropriate icon for these routes, following the examples set by other routes. Upon completion, execute the yarn build:production command to rectify the error.

For users employing the Stellar theme, you can resolve this problem by using this resources/scripts/routers/SideBarElements.tsx file.

Case 2 - Others case

In alternative scenarios, the most straightforward course of action is to reach out to our support team for assistance.